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Corianne Courtney

One shot at life - make it count. Get ahold of me or

Get to know me

I'm Corianne Courtney. I came into the 'wait, which is her last name?' issue when I married my wonderful husband, Logan. Most people call me Cori. Short and sweet.

God-given talents can make God-sized dreams come true.

I love sports (playing, not watching), music, kitties, Jesus, and all things pretty. I've always dreamed of adopting and having a small, self-sustaining farm, working for what I have rather than working for money to buy what I have (slightly hippie, right?). My goal is to use this adventure to pursue that dream. I currently work in emergency dispatch (which is really fun), and spend my little bit of free time playing ice hockey, sewing, crocheting, making soap, gardening, and my latest harebrained idea - adult gymnastics!!!

Why sign up with me?

I'm interested in total health & wellness - physical, mental, spiritual, emotional. I believe God gave us everything we need to be happy and healthy in life, and we've moved so far away from those precious gifts in our pursuits of wellness. While it might not make complete sense to put oil on your feet to improve your total health, who says that everything about God makes sense? Oils help me pursue life to the fullest extent in a 100% natural, God-given way. Does it get any better?!?!

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Corianne Courtney: One shot at life - make it count.