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Heather Kerens

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I love to create art, and share it with those closest to me. I recently began donating my artwork to charities for silent auction. I've never actually sold anything and always wanted my art to go to a good cause, friend, or family member where I know it will be cherished or meaningful. And that is where Embry & Ava was born. In my heart. I want to share the things most helpful and meaningful to me, and essential oils is one of those things I love and use daily and has helped me overcome my life challenges and to motivate me to do my art.

My personal story is that I have severe, stage 4 endometriosis which caused me to be unable to conceive naturally. I have a window of opportunity to conceive, before it's gone forever this fall 2016 - with my only real chance requiring assistance with expensive IVF treatments which could cost over $21,000.

So, I've decided to work hard to earn the money needed for my own good cause - just to be a mom. I've named my shop after my most precious dream - twin girls, Embry & Ava. Perhaps it won't be Embry or Ava, but only one, or maybe three, or even boys if that's what I'm blessed with.

Through this project, I'll find comfort in knowing each and every customer who purchase Young Living oils will find healing, peace, comfort, and happiness, while I am working towards my goal of getting to meet the children I know I'm meant to have in my life.

In the end, if my dream isn't reached, I'll be proud knowing I was able to find the strength, determination, and effort with the chance I could actually meet the children I've spent so much time imagining. I'll find new purpose and direction for my life with my partner and closest family and friends if we're unsuccessful; until then, I have faith the heart of life is good.

I hope by sharing this with you, it gives you the love, motivation, inspiration, health, comfort, and joy you need in your life.

Update: In addition, I was diagnosed April 2016 with AFib, a rhythmic heart condition, again, a serious diagnosis. Proceeds will go towards my my dream of being a mother, and my medical funds to attain that dream. After this window is over, I will continue this shop to support others and their causes, to pay it forward. Never using this as personal income without a cause.

Having said that, I fully support the independent men and women who do this for a living, because I do feel this is such a valuable business to have. However, I do have a full time job and choose to do this for supplemental income for my cause on the side. I wish the best of luck to all Young Living distributors and customers!

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I'm fundraising! Some distributors use this as a source of income but I'm fundraising for a special cause, dear to my heart, in hopes to be a mother. Please read my bio to understand my mission.

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Heather Kerens: a young living independent distributor