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Kasey Perry

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Hi! My name is Kasey, and I'm the homeschooling, work at home, semi-sane mommy to five beautiful boy blessings, and wife to their handsome daddy.  We are a homesteading family, raising as much of our own food as possible, and we use essential oils from treating our children down to keeping bugs off our crops!

Our family is very natural minded, and essential oils go hand in hand with the "back to the basics" mindset our family strives to maintain.  I lovae the biblical mentions of oils and how, though they're becoming more mainstream and trendy, oils have been around since before Jesus' birth!

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As a member of the Flourish family, I strive to keep my down-line actively engaged and focused.  Whether your intent is to use oils for your person benefit only or to get involved with Young Living as a business, I want to help you reach your goal!  Young Living's generous commission has helped my own family financially as well as allowed us to benefit from the use of oils at a great discount, and I want to help your family reach your health -and financial- goals, as well!

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Kasey Perry: a young living independent distributor