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Kati Potratz

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Do you know what was created on the third day? PLANTS! Until Young Living entered my life, I never knew why this was significant. But when began to experience plant oils rejuvenating my body and muscles… cleaning my kitchen counters… boosting my family's immune health... and calming me down... well, I had a whole new appreciation for plants. :) It is seriously amazing to me how many ways God shows his love and provision for us just through PLANTS!

My lifestyle has changed for the better by putting good nutrition IN and throwing debilitating junk OUT. With the Lord’s direction (and mercy), our family has navigated chronic fever, adrenal fatigue, hypoglycemia, hypotension, autoimmune disorder, cardiomyopathy, chemical sensitivity, anxiety, hormone imbalances, and chronic migraine… and we’re coming out stronger and healthier! It’s been a process, but the changes we’ve made have helped greatly and we’re equipping our son with a healthy, strong start in life.

I want to see more people taking preventive action in their own health.

We use YL oils, supplements, and household products to promote great health, for personal care, and for cleaning. Young Living gives us a way to get all our non-toxic products from one place — and get FREE product as a reward! Who doesn’t love that?! I would even venture to say that with Young Living, living healthy can be fun. I can’t wait to meet you and help you along your health journey. :)

Why sign up with me?

My mission is to inspire people to care about what they allow into their bodies, before they have to experience the effects of it. I want to see fewer people suffering. I want to see more people taking preventive action in their own health. I want to encourage and empower us all to make healthier choices, to be better stewards of our own bodies, and to realize God’s deep love for us as we utilize the incredible oils he created for us.

Having experiencing my own health FLOURISH, it's such a privilege to be able to advocate for you, too! I now have some very helpful tools in my toolbox. I would love to pray for you and equip you with good resources to use your oils to their potential.

And if you are interested in the Young Living biz, I would love to meet with you and help you get started. So much opportunity awaits with this company! Are you ready?!

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Kati Potratz: a young living independent distributor