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Kelli Rolstad

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Hey There! My name is Kelli and live in Minn-e-soooo-ta. I love God, my family and friends, traveling, hiking, cooking, hockey (i may have officiated the gold medal game in the 2010 Olympics - women's ice hockey - go ahead Google it) and I LOVE my Essential Oils. My life is surrounded by family! My handsome Hubby, who is the smart one and my polar opposite. Together we are raising our 2 little people: Little Man who is 4 (going on 15), and Baby Bear, who is closing in on 1 year. I call them C∧3. These 3 boyz are the center of my world and that is how Young Living found me.

Let me be your essential oil girl!

Little Man was around 6 months old and he and I both needed some immune and respiratory support. We ordered a bottle of Thieves and I dumped 1/2 bottle on my humidifier filter (not suggested or recommended - you only need a few drops and get a diffuser). But I'm the girl that goes big or goes home!
I woke up and my lungs were on FIRE! I prayed hard that night and thought I messed up bad using the oils. But alas we work up the next morning and it had successfully supported our now healthy, happy systems. Just saying!

Why sign up with me?

Now if you want to know about using essential oils and essential oil infused product with kids, babies during pregnancy; I'm your girl.
And you want to know all about using essential oils and essential oil infused supplements (yup, we have a whole supplement line); I'm your girl!
If you want to build your own buildings working part time hours; I'm your girl!
I would be honored to coach you.

Just call me maybe...

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Kelli Rolstad: Get your oil on, get your oil on baby!