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LaKeisha Hoyle

Mother, Sister, Daughter and Oiler Get ahold of me or

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Hello there! My name is LaKeisha and I want to thank you for checking out my Young Living website!

I am the mother of an adorable, yet accident prone school ager who never fails to surprise me! I have found that through using essential oils I can feel better about what I am putting in and on his body AND mine. I have begun my journey with oils and everyday am learning something new that I can do with them to be able to get rid of one more chemical in my home and be one step closer to a healthier overall body and mind.

Oiler on a mission!

With oils, I am completely overhauling my thinking about cleaning, supporting my immune system and even just relaxing after a stressful day! There are so many possibilities with oils and once you learn about all the health benefits they offer, you will be blown away, just like I was and still am every single day!

Why sign up with me?

I honestly fell into this business. I started out buying a few from a friend who was a distributor. I went to work with them and used a few and had co-workers asking what they were and if they could try. Instantly, they were hooked and the next day I placed a $100 order, of which none of the sales were my own. When I realized the interest was so high, it peaked my curiosity to see what I could all do with them. SO, here I am!

Also, being that I do in home daycare AND have a child of my own, keeping my home, my child AND myself healthy is a number one. I am constantly looking for new ways to use my oils and am always surprised when I learn all that they can do and offer. From helping to maintain our immune system, to cleaning products, to mental clarity, I find I am using oils everyday.

I once was a skeptic, like you may be. I had questions. I wanted facts. I wanted testimonies. I wanted to know that what I was going to be using and buying was going to provide me with a better lifestyle overall and be an investment I would see a return in. If this is you, I would LOVE to talk with you more! You can send me a message and we can meet over coffee or if this has you convinced, you can take the plunge like I did and just click Sign Up With Me, order your kit and we can go over everything you want to know!

LaKeisha Hoyle: Mother, Sister, Daughter and Oiler