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Lindsey Minor

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My name is Lindsey Minor, I'm 23 and currently doing life in good ol' Roanoke, VA. I'm a registered nurse and I love it! I am very passionate about many things. A few include international medical missions, running, cycling and anything and everything outdoors. My heart belongs to Jesus and I believe that is by far the best decision anyone can make on this earth. I hope to help anyone out that I can through Young Living Essential Oils. We get one shot in this lifetime with the bodies we have...So why not give it the best shot we can by treating it well? Thanks for visiting my page and I sure hope you are blessed by it!

"We get one shot down here in this lifetime with these bodies...Let's help each other in this journey and learn from each other to give it the best shot we can."

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So I am quite new at this, but what better way to journey along side and discover all these cool things with someone who has new eyes like yours? I'm telling you, I feel like every day I learn something new about essential oils. Whether it be a new purpose for an oil, the effectivness of an oil, or just the message behind it all! I am so pleased with how incorporating these into my own life has changed not only my health but my perspective as well. I am thankful for the friend who introduced this to me and I'm hoping I can pay it forward to many others. We only get one body until that sweet day arrives when we will be restored, so we are called to treat it as a temple and treat it well! Essential oils is teaching me so many wonderful ways to do just that. I hope it can do the same for you!

Lindsey Minor: Hello friends!