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Nichole Lowe

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Hello! My name is Nichole, I am a hair stylist and massage therapist in the East Village in Des Moines. I went to school at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis. They were truly the first to introduce me to essential oils and a natural way of living. From all the hair products I use, to the aroma therapy added to every massage I give. It has always been something I've found very interesting. After starting my own salon/spa business I came across Young Living and I knew they would be a perfect fit in my life and career. Since then, I have heard so many great testimonials, learned and experienced so much in my own life that I can't help but share it with everyone!

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I feel as if the learning will never end with Young Living; everyday I try or hear something new. Everyone has different struggles and things going on in there life and I truly believe that with Young Living's help you can better your life in a natural, healthy way! I know that I have already in such a short period of time and would love to share these wonderful oils and products with you!

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Nichole Lowe: a young living independent distributor