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Sarah Haupert

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Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Haupert. I grew up in a very small town in northwest IA called Hospers. Most people have never heard of it! I grew up in Hospers with 2 loving parents and 2 very rambunctious older brothers. I was healthy as a kid until about age 14, when I started having panic attacks. At the time I had no idea what they were. I think that my "general anxiety disorder" (that's what the doctors called it at least) lead to many other health issues in my life - having a weaker immune system which caused sore throats, ear infections, bronchitis - you name it and I got it.

My really big "breaking point" was when I was so sick and tired of being sick and tired - and hearing that I could actually do something about it! A good friend of mine is a massage therapist. I called her one day in tears after attending an 11 AM mass because I felt fine going in and half way through it my ears, head and throat just started throbbing. I went over to her apartment and she used some oils with her massage technique on my head and it wasn't a miracle, but I felt 10 times better than I had in the last few months. We got to talking over the next few days and she came over to my house and helped set me up my account.

Why sign up with me?

Since my sponsor helped me set up my account, I'm off 2 of the major medications (that were VERY expensive I might add) I was taking for anxiety/depression and I could not be more proud of myself, and I want to help people get off all those unnecessary prescriptions! Please don't misunderstand me, doctors are GOOD, and they are trying to help - however some of those medications can be replaced with other things that are so much more natural.

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