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Steph Halvorson

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Hi there! My name is Steph. I am a passionate truth seeker, lover of Jesus, and avid coffee addict. I enjoy time with my family and crave fellowship with those closest to me. I have my Masters in Professional Counseling and have been working as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for the last 2 years., and greatly miss working as a youth pastor (something I was blessed to do for 9 years). I love being a mama to my 2.5 yo, Norah, and am greatly excited to be a mama again as my hubby and I are expecting our first son in November.

Why sign up with me?

I began researching the usefulness and benefits of essential oils several years ago and have been more consistently using Young Living's products over this past year. I have experienced the benefits of these products as they have helped to nurture and support my emotional and mental health. Also, as I work as a Licensed Mental Health Therapist I have also observed and heard the testimonies of many clients whom also have expressed benefit in their use of essential oils in accompaniment with therapy and/or psychotropic medications. I would be honored to join you in your pursuit for living a more abundant, holistic, and healthful life. Please contact me with any questions or comments and allow me to guide you towards improved wellness. Hope to connect with you real soon!

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Steph Halvorson: a young living independent distributor